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The Independent Budget Office (IBO) is a publicly funded agency that provides nonpartisan information about New York City's budget to the public and their elected officials.

IBO presents its budgetary reviews, economic forecasts, and policy analyses in the form of reports, testimony, memos, letters, and presentations. IBO also produces guides to understanding the budget and provides online access to key revenue and spending data from past years.

Latest Releases

Evaluating Economic Development Tax Expenditures
September 22, 2016; Testimony, 2 pages   PDF

How Much Do Yesterday’s 421-a Tax Exemptions Cost Us Today?
September 14, 2016; New York City by the Numbers

Which Sections of the City Generate the Most &
Least Complaints to Graffiti-Free NYC?

September 7, 2016; New York City by the Numbers

Cost of a Property Tax Abatement to Freeze Small
Business Rents in East New York Rezoning Area

July 27, 2016; Letter & Memo, 9 pages   PDF   

Does Firm Size Matter When It Comes to
Wage Levels and Employment Shares?

July 21, 2016; New York City by the Numbers

How Much of the City’s Curbside Recyclables Get Properly Recycled?
July 14, 2016; New York City by the Numbers

Analysis of Assessment and Tax Inequities in the Outer Boroughs
July 7, 2016;  Memo, 8 pages   PDF

Also Available

Re-estimating the Mayor's Executive Budget and
Financial Plan Through 2020:
A Slowing Local Economy But a Stable Budget Outlook
May 16, 2016; Report, 15 pages    PDF

Analysis of the Mayor's 2017 Preliminary Budget and
Financial Plan Through 2020
March 24, 2016; Report, 70 pages    PDF

The Fiscal Year Ahead: Despite Diminishing Job Growth,
Modest Gains in Tax Revenues, City Budget Remains Positive
December 21, 2015; Fiscal Outlook, 19 pages    PDF

Budget Options for New York City
December 2, 2015; Report, 98 pages   PDF

Understanding New York City's Budget: A Guide
June, 2013; Budget Guide, 16 pages

Understanding the Budget: A Guide to the Capital Budget
June, 2013; Budget Guide, 16 pages

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