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Advisory Board

Nancy Wackstein, Chair
United Neighborhood Houses of New York
(current or former officer of a human services advocacy organization)

Donald J. Boyd
Senior Fellow at the Nelson A. Rockefeller Institute of Government
(nationally recognized expert in budget theory and the budgetary process)

John Cape
PFM, Inc.
(former director of the New York State Division of Budget)

Michelle DePass
Milano School of International Affairs, Management, & Urban Policy, The New School
(current or former dean of a graduate school of public policy located in New York City)

Devra Golbe
Department of Economics, Hunter College
(current or former chair of a graduate economics department of a university in New York City)

Ernest Logan
Council of School Supervisors and Administrators
(officer or former officer of, or economic advisor of, a labor union)

Ana L. Oliveira
President and CEO of The New York Women's Foundation
(officer or former officer of a civic or public interest advocacy organization involved in budgetary matters)

Marc V. Shaw
(former director of the New York City Office of Management and Budget)

Gregg Walker
(current or former officer of a business corporation)

(current or former dean of a graduate school of business administration in New York City)


Videos of IBO Advisory Board Meetings

February 10, 2016 Advisory Board Meeting

November 4, 2015 Advisory Board Meeting

June 29, 2015 Advisory Board Meeting

January 23, 2015 Advisory Board Meeting

September 15, 2014 Advisory Board Meeting

The Advisory Board's primary responsibility to is to screen and recommend candidates for the IBO director, who is selected for a four–year term by a special committee composed of the Comptroller, the Public Advocate, a Borough President chosen by the Borough Presidents, and a Council Member chosen by the Council. The Advisory Board also recommends candidates to fill Advisory Board vacancies, and members serve as informal advisors to the IBO. The Advisory Board currently meets about three times a year; the meetings typically include discussions of city fiscal conditions and briefings by IBO staff.

Advisory Board members are appointed for five-year terms by the Public Advocate and the City Comptroller. The City Charter spells out in detail the qualifications for Advisory Board members; abbreviated descriptions of the qualifications are shown below (affiliations are indicated for identification purposes only).