Programmatic Budget Reviews

IBO’s programmatic reviews of the 2007 preliminary budgets of selected city agencies are intended to assist the public and elected officials better understand the allocation of budgetary resources to city services by presenting agency budgets in a way that is more closely aligned with the actual programs, functions, and services of major city agencies.

Our goal in preparing these budget reviews has been to hew as closely as possible to how the agencies themselves present their organization, programs, and services, on their official Web sites and other sources, including using the agencies’ own language to describe programs in most cases. While we have sought, and in most cases received, considerable input from agencies in the preparation of the program budget reviews, our presentations are not necessarily how the Mayor’s budget office or the agencies themselves would present their budgets, were they to do so in programmatic terms. Nonetheless, we think that our presentations can be instructive and point the way toward how to improve understanding of the city’s budget in a way that enhances public participation in the budget process.

IBO will periodically update our program budgets. We will continue to separately issue our analysis of the Preliminary Budget, including of selected agency budgets, as we have every year as required by City Charter section 246.

Download by City Agency – (PDF Format)

See Program Budgets as of November 2005 Financial Plan