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Budget Process, Labor & Other Issues

Budget Process

Is There Another Way to Tally City Budget Surpluses?
September 16, 2014;
New York City by the Numbers

Understanding New York City's Budget: A Guide
June, 2013;
Guide, 16 pages

Understanding the Budget: A Guide to the Capital Budget
June, 2013;
Budget Guide, 16 pages

The Last (Budget) Dance?
March 1, 2013;
IBO Weblog Post

Some Community Board Budget Priorities Face Budget Axe, Again
June 4, 2010; IBO Weblog Post

Testimony to the New York State Senate Select Committee on Budget and Tax Reform
December 17, 2009; Testimony, 3 pages

Understanding New York City's Budget: A Guide
October 28, 2009; Guide, 16 pages

About Those Services You Prioritized
March 19, 2009; IBO Weblog Post

Dawn of a New Era: New York City Fiscal Policy After(?) the Financial Emergency Act
November 8, 2007;  Background Paper, 4 pages

The Charter Revision Commission's Preliminary Recommendations on Fiscal Stability
June 27, 2005;  Testimony, 2 pages

Charter Revision Commission on the Expiration of the Financial Emergency Act
March 23, 2005;  Testimony, 2 pages

Intro 584 and the Collection and Use of Payments in Lieu of Taxes
March 22, 2005;  Testimony, 2 pages

Proposed Charter Revisions to Eliminate the Preliminary Mayor's Management Report
October 16, 2003;  Testimony, 2 pages

Principles for MTA Budget and Financial Reporting
July 28, 2003;  Letter, 12 pages

Understanding New York City's Budget: A Guide to the Capital Budget
November 2002;  16 pages

The Road to Adopting New York City's Budget
June 2004;  Illustrated Guide, 2 pages

Confronting the Budget Shortfall: How Bad Are the Gaps?
January 7, 2002;  Newsfax Article

Understanding New York City's Budget: A Guide
November 28, 2001;  Report, 16 pages

Summary of the New York City Financial Plan
December 2000;  Report, 4 pages

Proposed Changes to New York City's Charter
October 20, 1999

Uncertainty Continues Over Implementation of City's 1999 Budget
July 27, 1998;  Newsfax Article

IBO Projects $843 Million Surplus Under 1999 Adopted Budget
July 27, 1998;  Newsfax Article

Revenue And Expense Projections: Fiscal Year 1999 And Beyond
July 15, 1998;  Testimony

Analysis of New York City's Adopted Budget for 1999
June 16 1998;  Fiscal Brief

Legal and Practical Implications of the City Council Formulating and Adopting the City Budget for 1999
June 1998;  Fiscal Brief

City Council Approves Major Mid-Year Modification To Fiscal Year 1998 Budget
December 17, 1997;  Newsfax Article

Adopted 1998 Expense Budget
June 16, 1997;  Newsfax Article

The Independent Budget Office:
Enhancing Official and Public Understanding of the Budget

May 28, 1996;  Publication

Elections & Campaign Finance

Tallying the Extra Cost of Four Citywide Election Days in 2012
June 19, 2012; IBO Weblog Post

Cost of Adding Judges to Campaign Finance Program
September 17, 2004;  Letter, 3 pages

Down for the Count? The New York City Board of Elections
March 6, 2001;  Newsfax Article

Estimated Cost of Public Funding of 2001 Elections
February 20, 2001;  Letter, 3 pages

Voting: What Price Democracy?
October 31, 1997;  Newsfax Article


The Big Unknown: How Much Could Union Settlements Cost?
February 28, 2014;
Focus On: The Preliminary Budget  PDF

Report on Pay, Demographics of Municipal Workforce Slips
From Sight on Bloomberg Administration’s Last Day

February 5, 2014;
IBO Weblog Post

Did the Number of Municipal Employees Decrease Under the Bloomberg Administration?
January 7, 2014;
New York City by The Numbers

Letter on Coincident Indicators for the Paid Sick Leave Law
December 13, 2013; Letter, 1 page    PDF

A Matter of Data? Unraveling the Discrepancy Between City Job Growth & A High Unemployment Rate
February 7, 2013;
Fiscal Brief, 7 Pages     HTML   PDF

Salaries for Local Government Employees: How Does NYC Measure Up?
January 17, 2013;
New York City By The Numbers Post

How Much Has Hurricane Sandy Cost  The City in Overtime Spending?
January 4, 2013;
New York City By The Numbers Post

Cutting the City’s Billion Dollar Spending on Overtime May be Easier Said than Done
October 4, 2012; IBO Weblog post

Few Layoffs in 2013 City Budget, But Municipal Workforce Would Continue to Shrink
July 24, 2012; IBO Weblog Post

Where the Jobs Are Growing the Money Isn’t Always So Good
January 18, 2012; IBO Weblog Post

Living Wage, Again
November 30, 2011; IBO Weblog Post

Sick Days and the City
October 13, 2010; IBO Weblog Post

Total Spending on CityTime Project
September 10, 2010;  Letter, 1 page

New York City’s Long-Term Unemployment Rate Continues to Outpace U.S. Rate
July 30, 2010; IBO Weblog Post

Wall Street Wages: A Rough Ride on Easy Street
June 8, 2010; IBO Weblog Post

Testimony to the New York City Council Committee on Finance on On the Prevailing Wage Bill (Intro 18)
May 11, 2010;  Testimony, 3 pages

When It Comes to Making Labor Contracts Readily Accessible, Albany’s Got Us Beat
August 13, 2009; IBO Weblog Post

Two Paramedics on an Ambulance—Only in New York
July 27, 2009; IBO Weblog Post

How Much Did He Say in Pension Savings?
March 6, 2009; IBO Weblog Post

Big City, Big Staff—But Maybe Not as Big as It Seems
January 21, 2009; IBO Weblog Post

How Much Will the Proposed Early-Retirement Bill Cost the City?
June 18, 2008;  Newsfax, 4 pages, plus appendix

City Labor Costs: Growth Rate Slows, For Now
January 25, 2005;  Newsfax Article

Paying for the City's Workforce: Costs Rise as Headcount Falls
November 6, 2003;  Newsfax Article

What's Driving New York City's Growing Pension Burden?
August 13, 2003;  Newsfax Article

The Municipal Workforce: Big As A Decade Ago, But Composition Has Changed
December 11, 2001;  Newsfax Article

Council Pushes Plan for Corrections' Retirement Benefits
May 24, 2000;  Newsfax Article

Performance Measurement & Productivity

Evaluating the Structure and Content of the Mayor’s Management Report
December 10, 2014; Testimony, 2 pages    PDF

Testimony to the New York City Council Small Business Committee On Intro. 256-2010, a Local Law to Amend the City Charter Regarding EDC’s Annual Reporting Requirements
November 4, 2010;  Testimony, 2 pages

How the MMR Went MIA
October 27, 2012; IBO Weblog Post

311 Customer Service Center: More Calls and a Growing Budget
April 16, 2008;  Fiscal Brief, 5 pages

City's Payout for Lawsuits Continues to Rise Rapidly
June 13, 2006;  Newsfax Article

Police Overtime: Tracking the Big Growth in Spending
April 29, 2004;  Fiscal Brief, 7 Pages

Evaluation of the Performance of the Department of Design and Construction in Improving the Speed and Cost-Efficiency of Capital Construction Projects
March 29, 2004;  Memo, 6 pages

Refuse and Recycling: Comparing the Costs
February 2, 2004;  Report plus appendix

Proposed Charter Revisions to Eliminate the Preliminary Mayor's Management Report
October 16, 2003;  Testimony, 2 pages

Paying for the City's Workforce: Costs Rise as Headcount Falls
November 6, 2003;  Newsfax Article

Improving the Efficiency of City Services
May 29, 2003;  Testimony, 3 pages

Lawsuits and the Sidewalks of New York
May 9, 2002;  Newsfax Article

Civilianization and the New York City Police Department
April 19, 2002;  Testimony, 5 pages

The Structure and Content of the Mayor's Management Report
April 11, 2002;  Testimony, 3 pages

What About My Street? How the City Can Improve Its Tracking of Service Delivery
February 28, 2002;  Policy Brief, 8 pages

The Municipal Workforce: Big As A Decade Ago, But Composition Has Changed
December 11, 2001;  Newsfax Article

Full Disclosure? Assessing City Reporting on Business Retention Deals
June 2001;  Report, 12 pages

Judgement and Claims Update: Large Settlement May Mean Additional Costs
January 30, 2001;  Newsfax Article

New York City's Escalating Costs for Resolving Lawsuits
January 3, 2001;  Newsfax Article

Preparing The City's Computer Systems For The Year 2000
June 6, 1997

World Trade Center Recovery

The Aftermath: Federal Aid 10 Years After the World Trade Center Attack
August 31, 2011;  Fiscal Brief, 10 pages

The Need for Office Space and Rebuilding the World Trade Center Site
March 13, 2006;  Letter, 6 pages

Three Years After: Where Is the $20 Billion in Federal WTC Aid?
August 11, 2004;  Newsfax Article

World Trade Center Assistance: Aid Received, Aid to Come
July 31, 2003;  Newsfax Article

The Effectiveness of 9/11 Small Business Assistance Programs
October 7, 2002;  Testimony, 4 pages

Lower Manhattan Economic Recovery Aid: Who's Benefitting?
June 27, 2002;  Newsfax Article

World Trade Center Aid: Too Much for Some Needs, Not Enough for Others?
May 28, 2002;  Newsfax Article

Using Federal World Trade Center Aid to Help Close the City's Budget Gap
April 24, 2002;  Letter, 3 pages

Plans for Using Special Federal Community Development Funds Allocated to the City After September 11
April 23, 2002;  Letter, 4 pages

Effect of the Federal Stimulus Act on the City's Tax Revenues
March 2002;  Letter, 2 pages

Federal Aid to New York City in the Aftermath of September 11th: How Much, and for What?
February 11, 2002;  Testimony, 11 pages

The Aftermath: How Much Federal Aid for New York?
November 20, 2001;  Newsfax Article

World Trade Center Disaster: Tracking Federal Aid for Cleanup and Rebuilding
September 28, 2001;  Newsfax Article, 2 pages


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