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Focus on: The Mayor’s Fiscal Year 2024 November Plan

The City Charter requires IBO produce an independent estimate of revenues and expenditures for the upcoming fiscal year. You will find this report below under Fiscal Outlook.

Fiscal Outlook Report
Mind the Gap: New York City’s Economy Shows Resilience While Inflation Cools, but Expenses Yield Budget Uncertainty
December11, 2023

Testimony to the New York City Council on the Mayor's 2023 November Plan
December11, 2023

The City Charter also requires IBO enhance official and public understanding of the budgetary process and budget documents. In the reports below IBO presents analyses of major budgetary issues facing the city as presented in the November Plan.

IBO's Real Property Tax Forecast: Comparisons and Sensitivity Analyses for the November Plan
January 11, 2024

Programs At Risk: Assessing the Impact of the Mayor's PEG and Expiring Federal Covid-Era Funds On the Education Budget
January 10, 2024

Taking New York City Down a PEG: IBO Estimate of the Impact of the Mayor’s Program to Eliminate the Gap (PEG) on New Yorkers
December 14, 2023

NYC Independent Budget Office Asylum Seeker Cost Projections For Fiscal Years 2024 & 2025 as of the 2023 November Plan
December 11, 2023

To reference the Mayor’s Fiscal Year 2024 November Plan, please click here

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